Doggy disneyland 

Pets and Pats is, deliberately, a small premium boutique service located just 20 mins from the Auckland CBD. Experience the difference. 

The farm is like a resort where your dog can enjoy doing as much or as little as they like. Learn all about our facilities here:



Our beautiful farm is located just 20 minutes’ from the Auckland CBD but we understand that you don't have time to pick up and drop off your kids before work everyday! Conveniently, our experienced dog handlers are available to pick up and drop off your pups from the city and surrounds. Our Pup Bus is especially designed to make the journey as comfortable as possible for our daycare dogs, with no more than an hour total in the car each day. 



We have a great safety record for our clients and a number of processes that ensure your pup’s health and happiness are guaranteed. Our initiation includes behavioural analysis to ensure we only accept dogs that will play well together.

Our gated, safe farm is especially built and regulated for dogs. All dogs are split between age, size, personality and special needs (puppies and seniors) to ensure they are happy at all times. We do not take casuals to ensure that all pups are settled.



With many acres of private farmland and one dog handler per four dogs, your dog is given the space to do as much or as little as they like with the safety and care that comes with constant attention and supervision. 

We cater for the pawty animals, the lounge lizards, the athletes and the more shy and retiring types. From puppies to oldies